February 17, 2014


The Biblos Wrap explored …

We pack fresh Khobez bread, with a variety of crisp salads, herbs & pickles, we then douse the wraps with our own delicious homemade sauces & fill them with our tasty veggie or meaty fillings. Our wraps are good for the soul, not bad for the waistline & will keep your belly full.

Our wraps contain only the freshest ingredients …

Find out more about our wraps and fillings below:

Bajan Jerk Chicken
This marinade is 10 years in the making, boneless chicken pieces are marinated overnight with a fresh blend of thyme, scotch bonnet pepper, spring onion and ground Caribbean pimento spice. We are afraid the rest is a secret!… More Fire for your belly!!

The wrap is served with vegan garlic mayo and bajan fire sauce.

Jerk Fried Chicken (aka JFC)
Succulent pieces of boneless chicken breast, marinated overnight with our Bajan jerk marinade. The tenderised pieces of chicken are then coated in our fresh seasoned bread crumb mix and fried in our unique method to ensure tender juicy chicken 

The wrap is served with Carib island sauce.

Falafel (vg)
The classic middle eastern street food, a family recipe, should always be vibrant green on the inside. Ground chickpeas, fresh herbs and our secret blend of spices. This wrap is served up with our tasty home-made hummus, tahini, yemen herb sauce and our chilli salsa.
Halloumi (v)
Delicious, generous chunks of the finest golden brown fried halloumi.  Locally made and 100% goat milk this is the tastiest squeakiest cheese.

Served with vegan garlic mayo, chilli salsa and our yemen herb sauce.

Cauliflower tahini (vg)
Our organic cauliflower is separated into florets, stems and leaves lightly fried to perfection, and salted. The florets are soft and morish and the leaves are crispy and full of texture. The marriage with tahini is classic middle eastern. 

Served with hummus, yemin herb sauce and chilli salsa.

Vegan Fried Chicken ( VFC)
Not satisfied with the mass market vegan products available we developed our own Saitan in house. It has a delicious meaty texture and the perfect balance between soft and chewy. Like our chicken it is soaked in our jerk seasoning overnight. We then coat it in the finest panko breadcrumb and fry to golden crunchy perfection.

Served with our Carib island sauce

We age our plantains to their ripest perfection, they they get cut into chunks, fried till crispy on the edges but gooey in the middle and pile a generous amount into our wraps. Simple but perfect.

Served with our carib island sauce.

Meaty challenge
The king of the wraps. weighing in at no less than 800g This monster wrap has it all, a pile of jerk chicken, jerk fried chicken, falafel, halloumi,  hummus, salad and sauce, not for the faint hearted!

Its a challenge for us to make as much as for you to eat.

Veggie challenge (v)
This heavy duty wrap is filled with vegetarian goodness! falafel balls, Vegan fried Chicken hummus, halloumi & roasted Cauliflower and of course loads of salad and home made sauces
Vegan challenge (v)
The vegan cousin to the veggie challenge. Almost identical but with plantain replacing the halloumi. All our sauces are vegan anyway so very little to change.

Check out our full cafe and restaurant menus for further details!

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