Delicious Wraps

The Biblos Wrap explored …

Our wraps come in three sizes: Regular, Large & the Challenge! We pack fresh Khobez bread, with fresh salad, herbs & pickles, we then dress the wraps with homemade sauces & fill them with our tasty veggie or meaty fillings. Our wraps are good for the soul & will keep your belly full.

The Freshest Ingredients

Find out more about our wraps and fillings below:

Bajan Jerk Chicken
This marinade is 3 years in the making, boneless chicken pieces are marinated overnight with a fresh blend of thyme, scotch bonnet pepper, spring onion and ground Caribbean pimento spice. We are afraid the rest is a secret!… More Fire for your belly!!
Chicken Shish
Chicken breast marinated overnight in our garlic tomato & thyme marinade
Jerk Fried Chicken (aka JFC)
Succulent pieces of boneless chicken breast, marinated overnight with our Bajan jerk marinade & yogurt. The tenderised pieces of chicken are then coated in our fresh and seasoned bread crumb mix which are then lightly fried.
Jerk Pulled Pork
A shoulder of a pork is marinated for 24hrs in our Bajan seasoning & molasses. It is then slow roasted over night.
Lamb Kofte
The finest lean minced lamb, seasoned with chilli, paprika & thyme.
Falafel (v)
This classic middle eastern street food, is a speciality of ours, ground chickpeas, fresh herbs and our secret blend of spices. This wrap is served up with our tasty home-made hummus.
Halloumi (v)
Delicious chunks of the finest golden brown halloumi.
Meaty challenge
The king of the wraps. weighing in at no less than 800g This monster wrap has it all JFC, spicy sausage, kofte, falafel!, hummus, salad and sauce, not for the faint hearted!
Veggie challenge (v)
This heavy duty wrap is filled with vegetarian goodness! falafel balls, hummus, halloumi roasted vegetables, salad and sauce. We can make it vegan if you ask us nicely.